A lot of money was spent for nothing to change!!

This would be funny if it wasn't so ludicrous. In the U.S. the candidates just spent about $6 billion (from Reuters) on the presidential election. Can you imagine how much was spent nationally for elections for all offices? The figure is staggering. I think it's funny. All this money was spent and nothing really changed. That  really makes me laugh.

What really makes me scratch my head is that the winner of the presidential election, Barack Obama, claims to be a man of the people. Now, we all know that his opponent was just a rich old boy that didn't give a hoot about the small guy. 

I would think if Obama would have come out and said, "I have raised $3 billion to get elected president. But I have thought it over and decided to give all that money away to the people in the country who really need help, the poor, unemployed, uninsured and whoever really needs the money." Now, that would have been a statement and it would have shown he really meant to help the little guy. It wouldn't have made a difference in his vote totals!!

But he spent all his money trying to get re-elected and nothing changed. Our country will still look the same politically. So all these candidates spent all this money, billions of dollars, and nothing changed.,

We are a crazy lot of people. Well, I think I will say many of you are a crazy lot. I think I am pretty sane. I kept my money in my pocket. If things are going to stay the same why throw good money at the process!!


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